Struggling finding a roofing company for a roof replacement or roof repair?

Georgia has over 1,500 Roofing Companies

65% of those companies will go out of business within five years. Will you pick a winner when selecting an Atlanta roofing contractor?

Find a Match Within Minutes
Finding the Best Atlanta Roofer

Why YOU Can Trust Our Roofing Selections

Our extensive research of local Atlanta roofing companies can save you over 36+ hours of research.

Extensive Vetting

Using our proven vetting process we've researched all the local Atlanta roofers to give you peace of mind.

Local Selection

We provide a local roofer that best services the metro Atlanta city you live. You need the best local and fast turnaround.

Committed Roofers

Before any roofer is put on our recommended list after we've done our research we require a commitment from them or they're instantly removed from our list.

Customer Feedback

Our only requirement from you to get access to our researched roofers is that you give us feedback after working with the company so we can continue to provide the best selections.

Did You Know?!

Typically a company like Thumbtack, Home Advisory, Angie's List, etc., all sell your lead to multiple roofing companies. Based on your needs and location, we provide a personalized selection best fit for you. Your information is simply shared with one, so you aren't overwhelmed.
Many Roofing Companies Vetted

Only the Best Roofers Chosen

See why our extensive process gives you the peace of mind that you're working with the best roofer in your area for the services you need.

1) We Vet Their Current Customer List

We are given access to their customer list and then randomly call customers in each city to get satisfaction scores based upon services rendered such as roof replacement, repair, etc. The only way you get leads is if you provide the best customer service of your competition.

2) We Score Them Across Service & City

We’ve seen a company’s customer satisfaction scores vary across cities. Personnel used differs across certain areas, while different personnel is also used for certain services. We give you the best company for the services you need for the city you live in.

3) Feedback from You the Customer

Due to this being a free service for the customer, your feedback is invaluable so that we know instantly if the company we recommended begins to give poor quality service. We don’t want to provide leads to companies with poor service, so let us know the good and bad of the service you received.

4) Commitment from Roofing Company

The understanding with the roofing companies that wish to be on our preferred network is that they must continue to provide transparency to us so that we can assure their level of service is maintained throughout. Five stars are our standard; they know it; anything less, and they’ll never receive another lead from us.

After you submit your roofer request

What You Can Expect

Your Roofer Found

Our system will automatically find the best roofer for you, but our team will manually verify too. No mistakes. You need the best.

Contact Made

The best local roofer selected for you will reach out ASAP by phone call/text. Enter your email to receive their contact too.

Free Inspection

Regardless of your service request need, the first visit to your home by the roofer will be a free inspection.

Don’t forget to give us your experience with the roofer selected for you. Your feedback is crucial to help make sure we continue to connect only the best roofers with the needs of consumers like you.

Project Details

Contact Info

If you choose to enter an email, we'll also send you the contact information of the best roofer selected for your needs/location.
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